Sunday, June 30, 2013

Break on Through

Last night I had a blast at a friend's wedding reception.  Unfortunately, it also led to some bad choices of too many drinks and a few ciggies.  The drinks I could have handled, but things started to go down hill after the cigarettes.  AND I haven't smoked in at least 2 years!  I woke up pretty tired, with a sore throat, and super thirsty.

Melissa will kill me for this, but we had a blast! lol

I had a craving for a huge breakfast.  For some reason, I thought it would be a good idea.  I made 2 eggs, hash browns, and toast along with my usual coffee around 9.

When 10 rolled around to go run, I was feeling a little heavy.  I knew this run would probably suck, but I also knew whining about it wouldn't help. I mean, I did whine a little.  The first 5 miles were the hardest.  I think knowing that we were on our way back lifted my spirits a bit.

The weather was beautiful!  It was in the 60's, breezy, and sunny.  It was one of the most perfect days to run!

Before we started running, we were going to run 9 mins, walk 1 min.  We stuck to that for the most part, but ran the last two miles home.  

It felt good to get in a long run again.  It's been a while since I've had to go that distance.  I always feel so accomplished afterwards!  

Did you have a long run today?  Did you have a relaxing day?  

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Too Hot To Trot

I close a lot at work, so I usually sleep in.  This results in me crawling out of bed later in the morning and not going running until around noon.  Today, I waited until about 2 to get in my four mile run.  I knew it would be hot, but I was more worried about the humidity.  The problem with the high humidity is that besides feeling like you are running through a sauna is that the sweat doesn't evaporate off of you so you never cool off.

Temps before and after my run.

My goal was just to get in the miles and take it slow...which is my goal for the whole summer.

I went a hillier route, but it's quieter and along the river.  There is a giant hill that I hate.  I hate to run up it, I hate to bike up it, and I really hate to walk up it, because then that means it defeated me!

This is half way up the hill.  I totally paused to take this picture!  The billboard at the very top is for McDonald's ice cream.  I cannot tell you how gross that sounded when I came huffing up to the top!

I walked a lot and I took extra breaks at the traffic lights.  I just couldn't slow down.  It's like my body was rebelling and trying to run as fast as possible to get the run over with!

With only over a mile left, I saw my friend Robin waiting at the bus stop.  I stopped to talk to her for about 5 minutes until her bus came.  She thought I was sunburnt, because I was so red.  I laughed and told her I had sunscreen on.  My face was red because I was so hot!

I managed the rest of the run home.  As soon as I got in the house, it started raining!  It really didn't look that dark out, but what do I know?  I have a degree in math not meteorology.

I was really surprised that the humidity was only at 62%, according to my Garmin.  I think it's a liar.

Despite all of my whining, I am having a much easier time adapting to the heat this year than last year.  Last summer, I was doing around 14 minute miles, because I was so overheated!

Is it humid by you?  How do you handle the heat and humidity of summer?

Take This Waltz

While browsing through movies last night, I came across Take This Waltz. Netflix had suggested I would like it a while ago. While I had put it in my queue, I never did watch it.  So, when I saw it on Showtime on Demand, I decided to give it a go.

The cover says it's supposed to be funny. I didn't laugh once. Williams'character is so awkward it made me almost uncomfortable to watch her. 

She meets a man on an airplane and becomes attracted to him. He ends up living across the street from her.  She keeps hanging out with him, including stalking him so she can 'run into' him during the day. Instead of talking to her husband about the problems in their marriage, she turns to this new guy. 

I'm not sure if I am supposed to think she is bored after 5 yrs of marriage or that they have too many unresolved issues?  Williams' character and her husband have a discussion about having kids. He obviously doesn't want them and she seems very sad about it. Isn't that something you talk about before you get married?  Maybe instead of all of their weird voices they talk to each other in, they could have had a real conversation once in a while and they would have been happier. 

Spoiler alert:

She leaves her husband to be with her neighbor in the end. This is where it gets confusing.  They finally sleep together, but they also have another lady in bed with them. Why? That just seemed very random and maybe shows that this guy isn't that into her as much as she thought? 

They seem to fall into the same pattern as her and her husband, as does any relationship.

The very end, though, she makes muffins and only fills 3 of the muffin tin spaces even though she has batter for all 6.  Then she leans her head against the oven door while it cooks. Her boyfriend walks by. She get up, stands behind him, and puts her arms around him.  Then it cuts to her on a carnival ride.

Is she happy? Was he a figment of her imagination? I don't get it.   This is what I had to google after the movie ended.

Note the time. I was up til about three reading all kinds of reviews on this movie, but had no luck.  

The only good part of this movie was Sarah Silverman. She played the sister in law to Williams and a recovering alcoholic who seemed to see what was going on.  Silverman's character talks to Williams' about the monotony of marriage, and that finding someone or something new will eventually get old too.

Ok. I am done ranting.  My advice? Don't watch this. Save two hours of your life.

Have you ever seen this movie? What did you think? Can you explain the end to me?

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Holy Humidity!

The past week has been SO humid and on and off again rain.  I was able to get in my 5 mile long run yesterday after work, because I skipped it this weekend.  My Garmin doesn't beep anymore at my miles, so I didn't worry about my splits.  I just ran out half way and came back, enjoying the scenery.

After I stretched and showered, Kevin and I went shopping and went to dinner.  We have a wedding reception on Saturday.  He wanted a shirt and I thought I would see if I could find a dress that I liked.

I tried on two.

I bought one of them.  Which one do you think looks better?

Kevin went to Georgie Porgie's for dinner and I ran down to Jimmy John's for a sub.  I ate it inside Georgie Porgie's and felt so naughty!  

I had off today and was well overdue to go grocery shopping.

We hadn't gone shopping since we got back from Vegas.  I finally have fruits and veggies to eat again!

Today, I went to Zumba at the gym.  The instructor is SO fun!  I just smiled and had a blast the whole time!  I'm glad I got in a workout, because I had already used my calories for the day!

Now, after Zumba, I have 500 calories left after dinner!  

Did you work out today?

Monday, June 24, 2013

Jo Mo Runs

I've stopped blogging for a while.  I got a bit busy with life.  I got married June 15, 2013!  It was our ten year anniversary of being together.  We decided to keep it simple and small and had our families come to Vegas with us to tie the knot.

We all had a blast!  I would definitely go back, but I was ready to come home.

I decided to start this new blog site for a couple of reasons

1. My other blog is Food, Running, and Other Ramblings at  It's kind of a mouthful.

2.  I like this name better.  My married name is now Molina and makes a catchy nickname of Jomo that my sister in law gave me.

3. While I will still write about everything, my main focus is running.  I like to tri, cook, eat, etc.  But, I think I write mostly about running...and not running...avoiding to know.

I started marathon training (for my first marathon) the week I left for Vegas.  The marathon is in October.  I also have a Tri in August and have to figure out how to fit in the swimming and biking.  I hope you join me on my journey!