Monday, November 18, 2013

My Marathon is Done, Now What?

Every since I ran my marathon over a month ago, I have just not been into working out at all!  I went to a spin class - which I always love.  I went to a new class called body combat - which was aMAzing!  I even ran once or twice...or once.  But that's it.


I blame the marathon.  It's the only logical answer.  I read blogs where the writer ran a marathon and feels great, is already running again, and has another marathon in a couple of weeks.

I ran my marathon and I never, EVER wanted to do it again.  Ever!

Accurate face of pain of how I was feeling.

The actual race passed quickly.  I wasn't in pain until around 16 miles.  And even then, I knew I would finish.  I walked more than I wanted, but I wasn't really negative self talking. I just kept telling myself that I will Never have to do this again once I finish.  That is really what got me through that race.

I was in pain for a couple of days, but I have a job where I am running around for 8 hours so that helped work out the tightness pretty quickly.  I made myself wait to run, but then I never started running again.  I went once for three miles.  It was hard.  The whole time I couldn't believe I ran 26.2.  Why is this so hard?!?!

I love running, really!  I love the freedom, the quiet, the battle with myself, and the feeling of becoming stronger physically and mentally.  But lately, I guess I like sitting on the couch more.  I know the gym class schedule by heart so I can go right after work, but I've done it twice.  Why?  Why have I become such a bump on a log?

Ok, this is really why I love running.

Today is Monday.  I know most people hate Monday's, but I like them.  It's the start of a new week, a fresh beginning.  I am setting the goal to work out 3 times this week any way I want, as long as I get some cardio in.

I hope everyone has a great and successful week as well!

Do you get in work-out slumps?  What helps get you out?


  1. I totally know how you feel...minus the marathon part! I have a goal of three days this week, too. I did the treadmill this morning, so two more to go! When I get in a slump, people like you motivate me!

  2. Awww. Thanks. Knowing you are working out helps me too. I guess misery loves company, right?

  3. Trust me, you are not alone! I've done NUMEROUS races and after each one I feel obliged to be lazy and not wanna work out but rather just pig out! But I always manage to dig up a new goal that drives me forward... like beating my time, running longer, or even just running a new race in a new city! I just started my own blog, hopefully as I continue maybe you can find a little inspriation there? Thanks for the read!