Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Fear the Deer

I headed out today for my 3 mile run.  Now that I'm not training for anything specific, it's hard to motivate myself to get out and exercise.  I was excited to wear some leg-warmers today.  I made a couple of pairs last year for a costume and really like wearing them for running.  I can wear my capris and still keep my calves warm!

After the first mile I head into a wooded park.  Once in a while I see deer on my evening runs, but figured I'd bee safe this early in the afternoon.  As soon as I rounded the first corner I see a deer ahead staring at me.  I could tell he was a young buck, because of the antlers starting to grow on his head.  I stopped and debated what to do.  I am scared of deer when confronted with them.  They can get cray!  As soon as the second one peeked it's head out from the other side of the path I knew I better just turn around and head back.

They may look innocent enough, but one wrong move and who knows what could I right??

So, I headed back and got in 2 miles.  They were good miles though and I was glad I went out.

Do you run in the woods and ever see animals?  Do you turn around or just keep going?

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