Thursday, June 27, 2013

Take This Waltz

While browsing through movies last night, I came across Take This Waltz. Netflix had suggested I would like it a while ago. While I had put it in my queue, I never did watch it.  So, when I saw it on Showtime on Demand, I decided to give it a go.

The cover says it's supposed to be funny. I didn't laugh once. Williams'character is so awkward it made me almost uncomfortable to watch her. 

She meets a man on an airplane and becomes attracted to him. He ends up living across the street from her.  She keeps hanging out with him, including stalking him so she can 'run into' him during the day. Instead of talking to her husband about the problems in their marriage, she turns to this new guy. 

I'm not sure if I am supposed to think she is bored after 5 yrs of marriage or that they have too many unresolved issues?  Williams' character and her husband have a discussion about having kids. He obviously doesn't want them and she seems very sad about it. Isn't that something you talk about before you get married?  Maybe instead of all of their weird voices they talk to each other in, they could have had a real conversation once in a while and they would have been happier. 

Spoiler alert:

She leaves her husband to be with her neighbor in the end. This is where it gets confusing.  They finally sleep together, but they also have another lady in bed with them. Why? That just seemed very random and maybe shows that this guy isn't that into her as much as she thought? 

They seem to fall into the same pattern as her and her husband, as does any relationship.

The very end, though, she makes muffins and only fills 3 of the muffin tin spaces even though she has batter for all 6.  Then she leans her head against the oven door while it cooks. Her boyfriend walks by. She get up, stands behind him, and puts her arms around him.  Then it cuts to her on a carnival ride.

Is she happy? Was he a figment of her imagination? I don't get it.   This is what I had to google after the movie ended.

Note the time. I was up til about three reading all kinds of reviews on this movie, but had no luck.  

The only good part of this movie was Sarah Silverman. She played the sister in law to Williams and a recovering alcoholic who seemed to see what was going on.  Silverman's character talks to Williams' about the monotony of marriage, and that finding someone or something new will eventually get old too.

Ok. I am done ranting.  My advice? Don't watch this. Save two hours of your life.

Have you ever seen this movie? What did you think? Can you explain the end to me?

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