Thursday, June 27, 2013

Too Hot To Trot

I close a lot at work, so I usually sleep in.  This results in me crawling out of bed later in the morning and not going running until around noon.  Today, I waited until about 2 to get in my four mile run.  I knew it would be hot, but I was more worried about the humidity.  The problem with the high humidity is that besides feeling like you are running through a sauna is that the sweat doesn't evaporate off of you so you never cool off.

Temps before and after my run.

My goal was just to get in the miles and take it slow...which is my goal for the whole summer.

I went a hillier route, but it's quieter and along the river.  There is a giant hill that I hate.  I hate to run up it, I hate to bike up it, and I really hate to walk up it, because then that means it defeated me!

This is half way up the hill.  I totally paused to take this picture!  The billboard at the very top is for McDonald's ice cream.  I cannot tell you how gross that sounded when I came huffing up to the top!

I walked a lot and I took extra breaks at the traffic lights.  I just couldn't slow down.  It's like my body was rebelling and trying to run as fast as possible to get the run over with!

With only over a mile left, I saw my friend Robin waiting at the bus stop.  I stopped to talk to her for about 5 minutes until her bus came.  She thought I was sunburnt, because I was so red.  I laughed and told her I had sunscreen on.  My face was red because I was so hot!

I managed the rest of the run home.  As soon as I got in the house, it started raining!  It really didn't look that dark out, but what do I know?  I have a degree in math not meteorology.

I was really surprised that the humidity was only at 62%, according to my Garmin.  I think it's a liar.

Despite all of my whining, I am having a much easier time adapting to the heat this year than last year.  Last summer, I was doing around 14 minute miles, because I was so overheated!

Is it humid by you?  How do you handle the heat and humidity of summer?

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  1. Oh god, I feel you. It's been humid in MN, too. I did my 25K loop trial run at Afton on Tuesday and I could have wrung my clothes out! I sat down and left a BUTT PRINT on the bench. It was like I'd been swimming, not running. Just gross. At least it wasn't normal sweat? I swear, it was like pure water pouring off me! Haha. This 50K next weekend is going to be... interesting. Good job taking on the humid, hot days! They do suck! Just think how nice our Fall races will seem. :D