Thursday, August 8, 2013

Influenster Lifeway Kefir Review

I'm fortunate to be a part of Influenster. They send out products to be tested and reviewed with your honest opinion. I've been sent a Voxbox, which had a lot of different items in it, a new type of Palmolive dish soap, and now I was sent a coupon for any free Lifeway Kefir product.

I chose the Lowfat Plain flavor. I figured that way I can add it to a variety of foods to see how it tastes. I tried it in a couple of different smoothies and some in my scrambled eggs.

Strawberry-Banana Smoothie

Mango Protein Smoothie

Fluffy Scrambled Eggs with Spinach

The taste has a bitter sort of sour flavor, just like a plain yogurt. The texture is like a thinned yogurt, very thick and creamy. I don't think I could ever drink the stuff straight up, but the girl at the grocery store and someone on Twitter told me how much they loved every flavor!

While I chose the plain flavor, there are a ton of others, including frozen products such as fro-yo and frozen Kefir bars!

Here are some perks of Kefir directly from their site:

-Lifeway Foods ONLY uses milk from grass fed cows that is rBGH free (Bovine Growth Hormones) and Antibiotics free. The milk also comes from farms that take great care for the cows, treating them in a humane way

-Lifeway Kefir Products are sweetened with Organic Cane Sugar not High Fructose Corn Syrup

-Lifeway Plain Kefir is unsweetened for the sugar conscious

-Berries like Pomegranate, Blueberry, Acai, and Cherry contain a higher 
Antioxidant count. Lifeway makes all of these great flavors loaded with Antioxidant Power.

-All of Lifeway's products are gluten free.

My overall opinion of the plain flavor?  It was okay.  It added protein to my smoothies and didn't bother my stomach like dairy milk does.  I didn't care for the thickness or bitterness of it, which I could taste through the other flavors. I also wished they had some recipe suggestions on their website like other products do and because of the thick consistency, I couldn't think of much else to try it in.

"I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.  As always, the opinions are my own."

Have you ever tried a Lifeway Kefir product?  Love it or leave it?

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