Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Run With Your Heart

The last two long runs I've done were 15 miles last week and 16 miles this weekend.  Thinking about the distance pretty much freaks me out and I can't believe I accomplished that!

I woke up on the morning of the 15 excited!  I had made my own gels and I thought I had the recipe close to perfect!  I also brought boiled potatoes sprinkled with salt that I cut up to alternate with the gels (I read that they are a good fuel for endurance sports).  I also brought a bottle of water and money to stop for more later.

Homemade gels. It's just geletin, chia seed, and juice. 

I had thrown the gels in the freezer the night before, but by the time I ate my first one at 3.5 miles, it was already liquid, it was supposed to have a more jello-like consistency.  On the plus side, the potatoes worked really well and were delicious!

The run also seemed to pass quickly, except miles 8-10 seemed to drag a bit.  I even sprinted the last bit to finish strong!  I felt really great afterwards...besides the fact I could barely walk because my feet hurt.

The next day, I laid on the couch and watched the whole first season of Orange is the New Black on Netflix.  That would be  reason I was so sore - I didn't move!  By the second day, though, I felt fine.

The 16 mile run was a little tougher.  I was really excited to run! I had Clif Shot Bloks and a Luna bar for fuel along with water and money to stop for more.  Becky planned a new route to Kenosha, which followed the bike trail out to UW-Parkside and through Pets.  Once we got to  the park, the route started getting pretty hilly.  There was one hill that I would have walked if Becky weren't running in front of me!

 I was also really, really thirsty the entire run.  I started with a bottle of water, then I bought another water at mile 6 or 7 when we stopped at a gas station for the bathroom and beverages.  Then, I refilled my water when we got into the park.  And I filled up again at mile 13ish when we stopped at another gas station, where I got a large bottle of Gatorade, which I chugged, and a water to refill my bottle!  

I was SO ready to be done with this run.  I was just mentally drained.  I really didn't care if I finished (even though I really did).  I was telling myself to let Becky go ahead and I would just walk home.  I was already a few strides behind her.  Then, Becky turned around, waited for me and said, "We are finishing this together!"  So, we ran side by side until there was about .2 left and she took off to sprint to the end.

Next week is only 12 miles! I'm way too excited about that!

What's the longest distance you've ran?  Do you run with some one or solo?

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